Masters and Masterpieces:

Everyone’s Guide to Iranian Cinema


By Diane Sippl


Anyone who has ever doubted that a country like Iran could develop a film industry should be delightfully shocked to turn the pages of this hallmark of film history and criticism that is at the same time an intimate letter, a personal travelogue,  a loving homage,  and a probing critique of one of the world’s most poetic national cinemas.  Iran enjoys an age-old history of the arts and their attending philosophies, spiritualities, and social dialogues.  And as a postcolonial culture, it has undergone its own struggle to develop artistic technologies that address and express its people, their traditions, and their contemporary needs.  Hamid Dabashi embraces all of these concerns with a fund of knowledge and interpretative acuity that often disarms the reader, only to beguile the skeptic with the assured charm of savvy wit.  moreCOMING SOON!

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